Does this sound familiar? Many interpretation projects eventually get to the point of not knowing how to make further progress. The project team somehow gets stuck. Maybe a creative spark, some advice on methodology, an organizational hint, assistance in structuring an idea, or generally a “wind of change” is needed.

In this case we offer you a brief consultation on an hourly basis in which we jointly examine your project, or particular focus area in more detail. On the basis of our Europe-wide experiences and international contacts we give your team the support to get your project back on track.

Sometimes only a little stimulation is necessary, sometimes a general structural concept or a dramatic impulse for change is indispensable, and sometimes the outcome of our consultancy lies somewhere in between. In any case we are always oriented to your visitors’ requirements and your communication goals.

One of our strengths is that we do not limit ourselves to a narrow range of interpretive techniques. Sometimes we are exhibition-makers or actor trainers, sometimes developers of multimedia or game designers, sometimes a combination of these methods, always according to your project’s needs.

The bottom line is – we are keen to find the ideal experience for your project. Only from this basis do we further derive advice on methodology.

Even when the project has already progressed quite far, we gladly accompany you in putting the finishing touches to your undertaking.

Clients sometimes seek fresh impetus for their projects through brief consultation. Then, when we get to know each other and work through their needs, the dynamic and creative exchange of ideas can often lead to our support through another exciting part of the project together.

Subsequent to our consultancy you receive a protocol with summarized recommendations.

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