The concept of KON-TIKI derives from probably one of the last great scientific adventures of our time…

… the “KON-TIKI” raft journey in 1947.

History: At that time Thor Heyerdahl – a Norwegian naturalist and ethnologist – and his small crew crossed the Pacific on a self-made balsa wood raft named KON-TIKI. Starting in Peru the journey headed to the South Sea islands.

The intention of the project was to prove that – contrary to the prevalent doctrine – Polynesia could have been colonized from South America. On this no doubt unparalleled adventure trip, Heyerdahl and his crew provided practical proof for their controversial colonization theory by crossing about 7,000 kilometers of the Pacific in 101 days.

The principle behind KON-TIKI is condensed from the following strengths:

  • Experience oriented
  • Powerfully innovative
  • Team spirited
  • Economical and imaginative with resources
  • Based on scientific expertise